We build cutting-edge technology around customer-centric content through intuitive design based on customizable measurement metrics and reporting systems that deepen user experience, enhance customer engagement and result in desired outcomes

Shape. Seek. Sharpen

Shape. Seek. Sharpen

Our Services Spectrum:

Advisory -

We can partner with you in the evaluation, development and enhancement of your digital engagement strategy by suggesting cutting-edge technological advances that could be woven into intuitive design and customizable measurement metrics resulting in superior customer experiences and heightened customer engagement.

Our Advisory Services include:

  • Evaluation of existing digital customer engagement initiatives
  • Analyses of digital environment for disease area/s
  • Optimization of existing digital strategy
  • Mapping of KPIs and measurement metrics
  • Recommendations for customer-centric content
  • Recommendations for intuitive navigation and appropriate interactivities to enhance engagement

E-Learning +

Our E-learning solutions combine the use of latest technology for remote management of adult learning with principles of instructional systems design to create learning experiences that are enjoyable, immersive, interactive and easy to manage.

Our E-learning Services include:

  • E-learning modules for Internal (Sales Reps, MSLs, Marketing personnel) and External (Physicians, Patients, Care-givers, HCPs) customers
  • Interactive case studies with branching logic including 3D animation and videos of KOLs or patients
  • Simple E-learning Modules: Text slides and voice-overs plus interactive exercises and simple multiple choice-based assessment sections
  • Advanced E-learning Modules: Text slides, 2D & 3D animation, voice-overs, instructional videos, role play videos, interactive games and quizzes and advanced assessment methods
  • Virtual Academy: Virtual Reality solutions allow learners to explore multiple learning destinations, participate in ‘Live’ sessions via webinars, view others present in the same classroom and chat with them or with the ‘instructor’, play instructional games and share scores, view multiple resources e.g. annotated references, clinical trial data slides, KOL videos, 3D MOA videos, disease pathway videos, role play sessions etc.
  • We also provide Learning Management System or LMS support to clients as well as build E-learning solutions that can be integrated into the client LMS

E-Detailing +

We offer a wide range of e-Detailing services starting from the creation of iPad or tablet based detail aids to the development of advanced e-Detailing solutions such as Self-detailing platforms, Virtual ‘Live’ e-Detailing platforms and services and Remote e-Detailing platforms and services.

Our E-Detailing Services include:

  • Content, creative and technological build-up of Web-based and iPad or tablet detail aids suitable for iOS, Android or Windows 8
  • Distribution and deployment of iPad or Tablet detail aids suitable for iOS, Android or Windows 8
  • Building interactivity features into existing web-based or iPad or tablet detail aids
  • Building fulfillment features, measurement metrics and tracking/feedback mechanisms for web-based or iPad or tablet detail aids
  • Rx-Detail®, Self-Detailing platform that can be customized to client requirements for multiple products and also offers advanced features such as Fulfillment options, Tracking & Measurement options, Push Surveys etc.
  • RepOnRequest®, Remote e-Detailing platform that is a universal physician e-detailer that reaches out to physicians from various geographies and offers them a choice of various companies and products that they can choose for a scheduled detailing session that could take the form of a self-detail or a virtual ‘live’ detail
  • Closed Loop Marketing services for clients who would like us to integrate their HCP and sales rep databases with marketing and promotional materials (including detail aids for PC and mobile devices), training materials and daily work planning tools. We integrate all these through a metrics and measurement system that provides daily data related to pre-determined KPIs that can be collated into reports or dashboards.

Mobile Applications +

We build, integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor a wide range of digital assets for mobile devices. Our Mobile applications cater to the needs of physicians and HCPs as well as patients and care-givers.

Our Mobile Applications Services include:

  • Technological build-up of mobile applications suitable for iOS, Android or Windows 8
  • Distribution and deployment of mobile applications suitable for iOS, Android or Windows 8
  • Management and monitoring of mobile applications to track its use
  • Mobile applications for various purposes can be designed, built, deployed and tracked e.g. apps for patient adherence to medication, patient tracking of symptoms and treatment outcomes, decision support for disease areas, sharing of patient medical data, etc.

Web +

We build, integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor a wide range of digital assets for the web. Our web services encompass web-based applications, web sites and web portals targeted at patients, care-givers, physicians and HCPs.

Our Web Services include:

  • Websites/ Web portals
  • Websites/ Web portals
  • E-Learning Portals
  • Virtual Environments
  • Virtual reality solutions
  • Web Apps
  • Web banners
  • E-mailers
  • Auxiliary Services
  • 2D/3D Animation videos
  • Video production & editing

Augmented Reality +

We build, integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor Augmented Reality Apps that can help bring your pack, paper advertisement, conference material or promotional material to life with audio and video –rich content.

Our Augmented Reality Services include:

  • AR Tablet/ iPad apps for use with promotional literature
  • AR Tablet/Mobile apps for use with product packs
  • AR Tablet/ Mobile apps for use with printed Ads

Social Media +

We design develop, manage and monitor content for social media engagement. We also offer qualitative and quantitative social media tracking & analysis.

Our Social Media Services include:

  • Digital content development for various social networking sites
  • Digital Monitoring of disease environment
  • Community/ Reputation Management
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Patient journeys/ patient personas

Meetings +

We devise and manage events; build digital assets and provide technology solutions for a range of meeting platforms that can be used to reach physicians or consumers.

Our Meetings Services include:

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Webinars/ Webcasts/ Podcasts
  • Mobile Meeting Apps
  • Multimedia display using video, 3D animation and slides
  • Interactive Patient Cases

Scientific & Brand Communications +

We develop medical education material for MSLs as well as scientific literature for physician and patient education. We also develop promotional literature for brand promotion to physicians and patients.

Our Scientific & Brand Communication Services include:

  • Product Monographs
  • Newsletters
  • Annotated Articles
  • Leave behind literature
  • Patient education kits
  • Detailing stories

Catalyst +

We optimize and deepen digital engagement through customer insights obtained via testing and monitoring digital solutions. Our continuous monitoring of digital assets helps us refine customer requirements and fine tune the engagement solutions to achieve customer intimacy.

Our Catalyst Services include:

  • Continuous research into development of customer centric content
  • Reporting technological advances in digital engagement solutions
  • User Acceptance Testing of Digital Assets
  • Building measurement and tracking metrics into existing digital assets/ solutions
  • Collating, analyzing and reporting digital metrics

Embedded Systems and Products +

We offer design and production services for the development of healthcare related embedded system products. Our product development spans Patients/Consumers/HCPs utility or communication products such as custom Rx-tablets or Hand-Held-devices, Pill reminder devices, Digital Glucometers, BP machines, Weighing scale and other Healthcare Devices.


I have had the pleasure of engaging RxPrism in a project that required them to make a scientific animation video for one of my brands. They were extremely professional with unfailing adherence to timelines. Attention to detail is commendable and RxPrism is very proficient at their work. I would strongly recommend RxPrism to anyone who requires superior animation work. – Shweta Sinha

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